Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who is your best friend?

I rarely write private matters in blogs. But this broke me.

I asked my 3+yr old daughter today "Who is your best friend?". Since kid-schooling has begun, I expected a long list. Quite uncharacteristically she found herself very shy to answer this, lots of giggles came out and finally she said "Thaaththaa".

Perhaps my happiest moments for many years.

I don't know for how long I will hold this prestigious position, but I am as happy as anyone can be to hold it.


  1. Isn't parenting just swell? Congratulations!

  2. Hehe..... as i know most of little girls answer is that. but don't know when u lost that. But if U try U can have that in her life time n. n m saying this with ma experience :D

  3. Ha Patikki;

    One day I will loose it. But that day she'll have a diff special place for me.

    Fighting to keep as long as I can. :)

  4. Just wanted to come to your blog . You got 4 blogs . Isnt it hard for you to maintain 4.
    Anyway recently I got an email just suit for this post.I ll send itto you.
    Most of your words ..I see a loving dad of a lucky girl.

  5. Bindi;

    [[ four blogs]]

    No it is not hard. Firstly two blogs have been just created but not up to date. Waiting till course work of MSC is over.

    And secondly what I have done is dividing teh content of one blog into four, hence keeping the integrity and focus. I will be spending probably teh same length of time in all four.

    The key is I have little read base. Poetry blog has some reader base yet little commenting. I have not thought of wider reader base as I have not thought of anything in the kind "when I am rich ..."

    In next yr hope to improve and increase the content in all four and just thinking of starting a fifth on another purpose. A wholly diff one.

    [[ best friend]]

    Today I asked again the same Q and I heard a name of a boy. I am ignoring that and determined not to ask that question again. :)

    Yet I know that we're pretty close friends. She was very attached to me from small days as she's an absa naughty girl who is too much for a distressed mother to control. She's dragged few things in our lives like studies but we committed whole heatedly. I still think she brought the greatest happiness to us.

    Thanks a lot for visiting.

  6. seems like interesting place to visit. keep posting whenever possible. Don't try to justify not writing here you nice long feedback(comment) maker.
    keep up the good work.

  7. Thanks for visiting Luckey.

    I am in these places too.


    Short Stories

    Travel Writing [yet to find life]

    I write on rotation and you can consider them as one distributed blog :)

  8. One of the most emotional moment of reading blogs.

  9. Well let me do a comment here from the perspective of a daughter .

    from age 5- 24 for us ( me and my sister ) Thaththa was the "best friend " . here are the reasons

    1. Unlike Amma he would very rarely use "No , Don't do " in his vocabulary

    2. Together we did all sort of naughty things at home which drives Amma crazy ( eating sweets that she keeps under lock and key , )

    3. So easy to influence him to buy new clothes , books , toys that we like ( Amma is not like that )

    4. Taught us cycling , riding motor bikes when we were teens .

    5. When grow up we together read daily news papers with him( Etta , Diwayina , Rawaya )and used to analyse political columns together . Also he allowed us to read any novel even when we at grade 4-5

    6. Never asked too much questions from our high school teachers on our performance ( amma is totally different .we never wanna take her to school meetings ! ) I remember at one meeting many parents were blaming to social science teacher for not giving home work . My father stood up and said these children have enough home work , it's too much now !! Following day all my friends came to me and said "TG ur father is amazing " - TG oyage thaththaa maru porak - we were at grade 10 :) :) imagine how high i felt ha haa

    7. Even early twenties we used to go to the doctor with him . may in the medical centre gave us wage looks like why these young girls come here with a father :) ha haa

    after we have become 25 + the relationship is different . now we are no more best friends . Instead we fight /argue a lot . Its all about his expectations and our choices in the life - often not matching !! And i think we don't have any common grounds to enjoy like our teen days ! Also he becomes old and we are young we see the life in a different way .

    You too might have this phase of life some times - What I am trying to say is be smart enough to keep the best friend tittle even when she grow up as young adult . I think this is where most parents failed ! It is hard to do . good luck