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Pandukaabhaya and Raksha Connection

 [From  random comments in Defencewire by myself]

News: Anuradhapura reveals its Pre-Vijaya secrets.

In the back of these invaluable findings in deep excavation pits in Anuradhapura, there are few non-connected facts [so far] which makes me ponder a bit about the known part of history. Note that they are hear-say, and I haven't tagged it as "History", but "Opinion", but if they connect with evidence, they become History academically.

Let me point the non-connected facts.

- Anuradhpura seem to be a capital long before Vijaya came.

- Vijaya did not rule at Anuradhpura, although that was a big city by his time.

- Pandukabhaya was brought up by natives of SL, whereas the king's ppl were looking to kill him

- Some hypothesize that Pandukabhaya's father was a native

- Pandukabhaya was the creator of Sri Lanka, between him and Vijaya -the written history's start,  nobody had the control over island, but just ruled the few aryan colonies. It is impossible for him to achieve it if the natives thought that he's an outsider.

- Pandukabhaya fought a war against the Aryan princes and his army was made of natives.

- Pandukabhaya chose Anuradhapura as his kingdom

- Pandukabhaya did not "import" a wife.

I think these things are connected. Like the film Aba hints, my hypothesis is whether Pandukabhaya is the Sinhala hero who defeated the Aryan settlers and completed the ethnic integration of the descendants of Vijaya and his 700 ppl. Hence the true forefather of Sri Lanka's known history.

Right or wrong my hypothesis is, Archeologists of SL are in the verge of one mega find, perhaps a finding that will push the final nail in the coffin of mythical homeland Eelam, and the Kumari Kandam fairy tale. There will no longer be debate on Sangam litrerature whose fancy lines are interpreted 100 times in order to prove a mythical tamil presence in SL before Vijaya.

SL wasn't uninhabited before Vijaya. Every legend tells about civilization in SL. We have found evidence for one of the earliest Homo Sapien settlements in Fa Hien and Balangoda caves leading back to 133000yrs [humanoids then].

And imagine the days of early [known] civilization. Imagine the first adventures of rudimentary ships. When naval powers grew and trade started ticking in, anyone crossing Indian ocean in that day's technology almost certainly HAD to stop in SL, before they cross the long remaining stretch. These events date way back than just 2500yrs. Traders had to have interacted with ppl, by means of trade and also by means of settling with them and integrating into their nation.

Then of course The Ramayan. I may not take it literally true, but having Indians imagine facts about SL in that way, makes me think that there had been powerful pre-vijaya kingdoms in SL with technology marvels, and there had been wars with them.

All point to one place. That there was an advanced pre-vijaya civilization in SL, and it being a strong center of trade of that time. Otherwise, if Vijaya started it from scratch, how can Romans know about this place in mere 400-500yrs?

Mahawansa author mistakenly names the fore-father of our nation as Vijaya. As I stated before, it looks more likely that Pandukabhaya is the first king to represent the natives in the known history. Obviously we have speculation about pre-Vijaya times. Vijaya, who came from India, ruled parts of Sri Lanka, and his discendants must have got integrated in several centuries. It was 700 families vs a big nation. Pandukabhaya himself may be an exalmple of that integration [a mixed child].

My point is that Vijaya incident is a mere intermediate point in SL history. Not the start of it. When history was written, it was made so for whatever reason.

Archeology hasn't dug the depth. No funding for such acts. This time some Germans have found interest in SL, [and I hope for good reasons] so Dr Deraniyagala has gotten to the depth he wanted. Also much evidence is buried under the densely packed SL population, and we're unable to dedicate our today to find our yesterday.

Why am I so much concerned about it? Because these Eelamist who are best known identity thieves in the planet not only steal credit cards but also steal our own native identity. They think they are the natives of this land an call it "home land". In their version deduced from Mahavansaya there exist Vijaya, and Gamunu. Missing Pandukabhaya and Thissa.

If you take Vijaya and Gamunu alone, and think that Sinhala came from India, then it leaves you to imagine that tamils are the natives as the wars of Gamunu are against tamils. These shrewd hypocrites deliberately miss out the overwhelming evidence of Pandukabhaya and Thissa who can be proven as Sinhala kings.

Project Eelam create its Homeland fairy tale in into four segments of our history.

        Pre-Vijaya days:
                - What they call their homeland time
                - Which is a pure identity theft

        Coming of Vijaya:
               - They call him the Sinhala king who invaded them.
               - I think he's an Aryan king who invaded native Sinhala [then called by some other name]

        Coming of Gamunu:
               - They call him who invaded Anuradhpura, which they claim as their kingdom capital
               - Note the missing period of time between Vijaya and Gamunu and why they overlook that.

               - They call is a 2000yr old "Occupation"
               - One of the best jokes, even if this is true.
               - You simply do NOT call a 2000yr old settlement as an occupied land anyway.
               - Not only it is ridiculous, it is fake too, which is what I'm proving here.

Sadly our pundits waste time on etymology of term Sinhala, which is distantly related here. Whether it is Sinha-le, or Siv-hela or whatever, that cannot suggest exactly who are represented by the name. Names change over time. Perhaps the early nation in SL, had other names but they later adapted Sinhala. Another notable point is that kings make names, ppl make the nation, so it is possible that many Indians knew of SL by Vijaya and called us Sinhala.

What we need is concrete evidence to prove that Sinhala had been living in this country for eons, and Tamils are invaders who recently erupted out of human volcano caled Tamilnadu in past millenium. Although there is no meaning in calling a piece of land "home land" of any, if anyone wants, then it will only be the homeland of Sinhala - a fact which we wanna prove and throw as we're not interested in tribal mono ethnic racism like theirs. We don't want to add an extra privilege into it. Once they're disproved we do not wanna continue with it. Then after Sri Lankans can live happily ever after as Sri Lankans.

I'm hopeful that few profs in archeology will settle the matter once and for all.

Meanwhile, if you find eelamists preeching everyone about a mythical Homeland theory and invasion where it was "occupied" for past 2000+ years, remind them of Pandukabhaya, the Aryan/Sinhala prince who stood for native Sinhala, got the natives to fight for him and topple the kingdom, and brought the whole island under control for the first time in written history, obviously as he was loved by natives. Talk about Thissa in Anuradhapura, who's his grandson, whose presence is unquestioned due to the arrival of Buddhism. Eelamists have no explanations for these. That is why they conveniently miss them out.

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  1. Thanks for writing an atricle on this subject.

    My personal belief is that the nation of Sinhala was created in the time of Pandukabaya. Earlier it could have been a 4 different tribes of Yaksha, Naga , Deava and Rakasha but no one dominating a another. Sinahala is the unity of above tribes and the people descended from Vijaya. However it seems to be that creation was not firm until the introduction of Buddhism during the time of King Dewanam Piyatissa. After the introduction of Buddism it seems to be that every one has accept it without any major objections.

    However Elamist are in need to justify their homeland claim, attempting to distort the past without any substantiating evidence. In fact i have seen they are attempting to portray davanam piyatissa as a Tamil king .
    the archeological findings of this nature will put more light on pre history of Pandukabhaya. I m hoping it will provide adequate evidences for my version of belief on history of pre pundukabhaya era.