Friday, January 15, 2010

I feel ecliptic...

I feel ecliptic... and here comes the darkness on the sunlit cloudless sky.

This is not my first eclipse, but first time I noticed the drop of light. Sky is completely cloudless, but it is not really blue. Someway between blue and grey. Sun is shining at best, yet the chill is not gone. Even if you walk into sun, you feel as if it is evening sun.

A melancholy and enigmatic feeling is nagging behind my mind and it pulls me from anything I do.

What is that I'm feeling odd about? Life was as sunlit as it wras yesterday. I just chose to stay at home today.

Maybe it is more than the day-today life. Somewhere deep within we're emmensely connected to the lifegiving creator of ourselves. The almighty once and forall, the only almighty as far as earth life is concerned. I am not talking of GOD here, but unless of course you don't call it Sun god. Sun is everything for us, the sole energy source of life until Einstein interfered [excluding some deeper marine beings who depend of geothermal energy]. We are so much dependant on its presence.

We are capable of bearing its absence, not the failure. There is no such killing feeling than a fully lit Sun failing to kill the chill and gloom in a cloudless midday sky. You feel like end of world has come. Now I wonder... has it really? Who knows?

No wonder Mayans sacrificed humans till the chill and gloom is over. You never know when the fading Sun will recover. And we have only one sun, humans plenty.

Many thanks Rohitha and Kalhara for magnificent photos that you lend me for free.

Can someone explain why we have crescent-like shadows?