Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I have reached infinity

I have reached infinity.

Well, that is what Gmail defined as infinity few yrs back and hence hid the delete button from the front. It is the freely given max storage of Gmail, which was around 7.39GB as per my account.

To my surprise I have hit 95% of it [even w/o porno, which I don't keep there, which I never recieve] and had to either clean some mails or "purchase" [WHAT???] Gmail space. My Gmail fee is already paid by advertisers, so that is paying double.

Then I encountered this simple problem which I never faced even with the sexy primitive tool PINE. What to delete? Or rather how to choose what to delete.

Gmail, to my knowledge provides no way to sort by mail size. Or any other similar selections which we use to determine the mails to be deleted. I suppose it is time for them to provide such facilities, and upgrade their measly ~7GB quota which was set at a time when disk space was measured with units 1/10th of today's.

He who does not evolve perishes, proved by Yahoo with the courtesy of then upcoming Google . Now it looks to be that Google has reached its extinction. Unless they rethink and change, another 20+ year old "child" will shoot the dragon soon.

Thanks to a generous friend, whose "good morning" and "hi be friend" mails that ate hefty MBs in my mail box, and hence I was forced to filter him out into a label, I could use a filter to delete 1/3 of my mail space. But I only have one such generous friend.