Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beyond the Rock

There is a big Rock out there. Nobody ever reached it, because the terrain between us and the rock has not been manageable for our folks. The rock covers a great range of the panorama and we don't know what is there behind it.

Since we are unable to physically trek the terrain, there are so many people trying out different ways. Some try to meditate and send their hyper-physical mental footprint over the rock to see what is beyond. Some say that every night they view beyond the rock in their dreams. Another thinks at times some unknown force whispers about what is beyond the rock, for him being privileged to hear that. Also there are people who think that if they close their eyes and concentrate, they really can see it through the hard rock.

And there were scenes unfolding. Dorenjo has seen a shadow of a tail appearing in a side of it - a tail of a crocodile - and he thinks that there lives a big crocodile. Harp saw the trunk of an elephant in one blink of an eye and "it is a big elephant", he debated. Jintil heard a roar of a lion, at a time he was drunk very much. Each of them believes in their experience. Everyone thinks that what is beyond the rock is what either they experienced or their trusted buddy did.

But sadly, the rock is not in clear sunlight. It is covered in a blur of mist. Under the common enigmatic gloomy skies in this part of the world anything can be seen or imagined.

And they debated, quarreled and even fought wars to prove that it is Crocodile, Elephant or the Lion. They captured other's territory, put the inhabitants to the sward to accept it, or die. Some of them dressed in much civilized clothes and spent years traveling around explaining what - as they think - is beyond the rock, hence drawing many to believe it. When Dorenjo passed away, his descendants brought his diary and stated how clearly Dorenjo and his contemporary clan has written the eye-witness record of Crocodile, and hence that their belief is correct.

Later appeared another group that says that neither of the tail, trunk and roar are enough reasons to guess it. Yet they find no answer to explain what is beyond the Rock. Some even say, provided that we manage the terrain by any means, beyond the rock will be another bigger rock covering what is beyond - in fact a whole series of infinite rocks. And you will never experience or comprehend what is beyond.

Someone is suggesting that crocodile, elephant and lion must be living in harmony, and hence we also should. It is a sweet idea, hence all like to follow, but everyone is finding it hard to believe how the three animals co-exist at one place. And then another one states that it is a peculiar animal with tail, trunk and roaring power, called a Croco-Ele-Leo, which all the other parties consider as serious blasphemy.

There exists a knowledge base and derived technology which helps us to understand our local terrain and make our lives easy. Some people extend its logical horizon to interpret this unknown territory from what they know, hence deriving assumptions. Some debate that the role of the knowledge and technology is to find a way to cross the terrain and find out what is beyond the rock.

Sometimes I feel that we should have ignored the Rock altogether and got on with our daily life. But then most folks are unable to find a cause for the life - a reason why we are here, or the moral values of our life. Most of the folks find that life becomes void and hollow if not for the Rock. Hence some call what is Beyond the Rock as inspiration, cause, meaning, etc whereas some others call it addiction, craze or a mental virus.

One fine day, I dreamt a weird nightmare, which I could not understand. I consulted the educated people, and they gave me very different interpretations always mapping to Crocodile, Elephant, Lion or some other hypothesis previously known to them, after which my puzzle just deepened. Following is that nightmare, somebody please explain this if possible.

[as per the dream...] "Finally we developed what it takes us to the Rock. And when we reached there we saw something which is beyond our every expectation. Beyond the Rock lived another group of species separated from another tough terrain, hence equally puzzled of what it is behind their side of the rock. And hence believing, fighting, killing, preaching and debating just the same."


  1. Great stuff.

    Y'know the guy called "Leo" in "That 70s show"? I'm sure he will have an interesting interpretation of what is behind that rock. :-)

  2. Pretty good writing and your handling of concepts is very nice. There are multiple things behind and beyond the rock, and not all of them have to do with people...some of the "things," are more concerned with themselves than people.

    I have met some of them. And I have met some that like people...it's a mixed bag. Culture is a setting, a choice, and a reality...a lens.

    signed: afraid of me?

  3. A recent flyer:

    What’s the meaning of life, why are we here? I’ve heard a lot of different explanation, yet I've not heard a single one that satisfies me, none I've heard or read is verifiable or complete, it's always “a mystery,” right, sure it is, to the unknowing. However an answer does exist and it's not simple, it is complex, oh well...sorry about that...can't answer with a cliché, oh my...how droll. Within the context of the “larger realities” and experiences-that-we-exist-within, there are specific/individualized/different answers...very specific answers. In general, most humans are here to "enjoy the experience,” of incarnating and add to their own and everyone else’s cumulative life_experience set. However, for most people, enjoying life is NOT required, or necessary, and sometimes pain is “on purpose,” and not a punishment. The pain is necessary to form a skillset, or is part of a growth process....growing pain...stretching...new level of awareness, the wielding of a shaping tool.

    A person is an agglomeration, a ball of experiences, the result of multiple interactions, before and after birth. Each "single" life is a purposeful and directed experience in the process of becoming something "more than human." Direction and results will be different for each person. What you will turn out to be may not be the same thing as your mother or father. How do I know that? Well first of all, I can see it, and I have had direct experiences talking to, working with, and seeing through the eyes of teachers that ARE "something else, more than human." They are NOT human, but something beyond, bigger than, and different than human. In fact there are a lot of "something else’s” within and nearby "this reality."

    I’ve spent over 37 years interacting with the GODs of various cultures, through DIRECT experience, just like in the “old days,” biblical burning bushes, other mythologies, other légendé...as an experience. Trained as a scientist and engineer, I did not expect to be living legends, or even that it would be possible. Like most people, I presumed there was "ONE GOD," I expected to find a one-size-fits-all reality. Experience taught me differently. My invisible teachers, “The Guides,” have taken me on field trips to other countries and regions bringing me literally face-to-face with the gods of other cultures, as well as, the nature spirits of particular areas. I have then been guided to work hand-in-hand with them in order to restore the health and well-being of the natural landscapes. There are multiple invisible intelligences working on earth.

    I ALSO, have the ability to look at and absorb the ceremonies and connect with the beings associated with an object. For over 4 years, my guides took me to different museums to look at sacred objects from various cultures. Afterwards direct experiences from _that_ culture emerged, up to and including being the god/entity that I was connecting to. Hopi dance wands brought me into contact with Katsinas as entities, an Arapaho time walker as a past life, a Greek coin with the Greek god Solaris on it...I became Solarius with commensurate abilities, my guides taught me from Tibetan Thangkas with gazing upon them and the various stories related, and the deities depicted...led into emanating/being those deities, Heyagriva, Chenrizig, Avolokitesvara, Archangel Michael, Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, and Balinese entities, to name a few of many. All of this occurred as part of my training to be a spiritual master and teacher.

    These amazing and unexpected journeys and lessons came in response to my original question to my guides, “what does being human mean in the grand scheme of things?” My experiential response: WE are on the journey to becoming more than human, and others have come before you, and there are a lot of different kinds of "more than human." And you're not required to give yourself up on the journey, you're required to add to and improve yourselves. P.S. You don't get a better grade for manners.

    Direct experience has helped me to understand mythologies, as something other than an interpretation of the same events from within different cultures. Mythologies have real basis. They are not interpretations of the same god by different cultures. Humans are a part of a larger ecosystems that include and traverse multiple universes and realities. The idea that there is one god that is doing everything is nice but not very accurate. A more exact truth would be that there are "multiple-interpenetrating-realities," occurring simultaneously and those realities affect and are affected by others. Did you know that the original Jews were monolateralists, not monotheists. They chose one god from "the many," to have a compact with. When the god of the Jews said, "I am a jealous god, and thou shalt have no others before me." he’s pretty much saying that there are multiple gods. I am bringing this up since modern interpretations of the Old Testament, point towards monotheism as the "order of the day," in Western culture. In fact, the Old Testament the basis for Judaism, Christianity and Islam, implies that there are multiple gods. As a modern man, I expected to find multiple cultures embracing the same divinity and clothing it in their cultures’ belief systems. It was a shock to me to in fact have the experience of meeting multiple gods, and in the process encountering multiple realities embedded within, and neighboring this one. The experiences have slowed down some since those first four years, but still my daily life would be most peoples novels.

    Scholars and hucksters act as-if, there is single discoverable, standard-reality that they can sell a workshop on. That you can pay $250 dollars to get a one size fits all experience...and I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you too. There is not a. a "one spirit," "one divinity," or "one way of doing things" and certainly not the old standard, there is "one truth." What I have found is that the earth plane is composed of 18 intersecting planes, most people experience a subset of 7 or 8 of them as the standard chakra systems. Our reality is actually composed of the intersection of multiple planes or layers of existence. In addition, there are parallel realities, "probable" realities occurring simultaneously; and realities outside of "time-based" realities, that are analogues but not exact analogues of what is happening on earth.

    Human beings do live consecutive lives in time-based-incarnations, it’s an observable fact if you can see, and an artifact of enough different groups to bear examination if you can't see...a maybe is infinitely more important than a conclusion..they both take up the same amount of space. The reality of the karmic experience is the only reason an introductory discussion of karma and past lives is important. It is the observable context of soul development. In general karma is what you carry in your field that needs to be cleared, encountered, evolved through and or removed. Karma’s different for each person, as each person has a different destiny outside of the earth plane..after graduation, when incarnation on earth ceases. For example we have encountered people that have carried a portion of a past life with them into this lifetime, as a way of spreading out a lot of hard work into multiple lifetimes because it was too much for a single lifetime. I have encountered people who have a past life poking into this lifetime because it was an aberration, and needed to be removed. Karma is what a person has to wade through in order to become what they want to be.

    People are extremely complex and no one has the same package to unwrap when it comes to understanding who they are. SECRET/Celestine/Moses recipe books, cure-all sessions, a New Age cliché "turning the other cheek," "think positive," are useless when it comes to working one-on-one with people with real problems, except at the very basic levels. Positive thought processes, affirmations, meditating, don’t go very far in helping someone that has suffered PTSD, cancer, sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Or someone that is having a particularly difficult lifetime, "on purpose." Those students are not going to get better by reading some Norman Vincent Peale, they need intervention and to attain the ability to follow instruction in difficult situations.

    When we work with students one-on-one, we require them to work through the childhood experiences which are interfering with their adult lives, as a “first level,” of their student work under our direction. In the process, students learn how to use their chakras and how they are being impacted by them, and to identify if their sensations are from the past, now, the future or someone else...identifying what is in their fields. Students are taught to follow their energy flows, determine what their issues are and how to cope with them and then to evolve them. How to use higher sense perception as a ordinary part of living. What is the end result? Living life as a shamanic journey, rather than going to a teacher or healer and having a shamanic experience. The student learns to see what the future is bringing to them and how to influence that future by being present with it now. Do we heal people? Sometimes, as an adjunct, sometimes as the only reason they come to us, mostly we teach people to heal themselves and how to stay healed. We don’t advertise for students, our teachers, the invisible ones, occasionally ask people that come to consult with Deborah or myself to become students, we the "visible teachers," don’t get to pick the students we'll be teaching, our teachers “The Guides,” extend the invitation. And if people don't advance because of personal willfulness, “The Guides” ask them to leave.

    In the school formed by “The Guides,” we teach people to clear their instruments of perceptions and accurately assess information. I work with another visible teacher, Deborah, who is also a Naturopathic Doctor and a body-centered-therapist. Deborah and I both see the same things, there is a reality that we read. We teach people how to experience life directly, rather than through the window of their personal experience. A normal part of the students clearing processes includes acquiring siddhis/abilities. Do our students have all of the experiences I or Debbie have had? No, most people experience a subset of what we have experienced, a few experience things we haven’t. We teach people how to be aware of what is happening to them and how to organize, and understand those experiences within the context of reality, and how to clear themselves of karma.

    We may also remove karma, demons, energy parasites, etc. as a part of what we do with students in order to alter their futures in alignment with their souls purposes. We also teach students skill sets as a part of the curriculum. We can not give a student intention or the willingness to work through karma. Skill set is determined by the level someone is capable of demonstrating analytical and practical proficiencies...a practicum, not by a "degree," or "certificate." Unfortunately, no matter how much someone pays us to make them capable, their skill set depends upon them. We provide the framework for becoming capable. Each student and teacher has to be open to constant examination, and be able to demonstrate proficiency as a part of their work, it’s real and it’s hard. If a student does not do the work, we are asked to ask them to leave. OUR teachers make that decision, to ask people to leave. “The Guides,” are also the ones to make the decision to extend an invitation to the "invisible college" that we "the visible teachers," run. We are currently interviewing possible students, would you like to try out? Take a chance. Find out if it's BS or the real thing, don't be afraid.

    signed: afraid of me ? in the US ciao